Why I have been MIA

Why have I been missing ? gone ? Not been around ? Well here goes it!
it’s not because I don’t like anyone or had any fights arguments or dislike anyone – it’s nothing like that!!!

I have depression, what bought it on I loss someone very close to me a good cousin/friend someone I used to confide in and trust and never judge someone who knew me when I don’t even know myself !! And some other stuff as well but I won’t disclose any of them as it’s very personal to me. I do love and miss all my friends online and off as they question me a lot as well askin me why I don’t call like I used to but sometimes you just have to have time to yourself to reset !! And to start out and press the refresh button and then yes you can  be on ur way to recovery! I refer to my doctor he told me as well you can confide in your friends but it’s good that I did it on my own and didn’t crack as in doing anything silly like wrecking myself lol you know what I said to him ? I said life is precious and I value it I won’t kill myself off he was pleased lol he put me on some antidepressant pills not sure how I feel about them as of yet!! Anyways that’s enough blabbering from me …. Have a good weekend peeps until next time ….

amanda xxx peace out xx ????