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#1. How many consonants are there in the English alphabet ?

#2. What colour is the Harrod's shopping bag ?

#3. Which famous building is located in Agra ?

#4. In the traditional nursery rhyme how many blind mice were there ?

#5. Which reality show did Little Mix win in 2011 ?

#6. Which is the only bird that can fly backwards ?

#7. Which of these boys are from Neverland ?

#8. In which sport would you win The Ashes ?

#9. All the Pandas in Zoos around the world are on loan from which country ?

#10. What word can be placed before bee, bell and bird ?

#11. Which soap does David Neilson play the character Roy Cropper ?

#12. Which one of these belongs to Mickey Mouse ?

#13. What would you find at the end of a rainbow ?

#14. How many legs does a lobster have ?

#15. Gary and Martin Kemp were in which band ?


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