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#1. While viewing an operation on "Seinfeld", what kind of candy do Kramer and Jerry drop into the body?

#2. Who sat next to Jerry at the Super Bowl during an episode of "Seinfeld"?

#3. On "Seinfeld", what does Elaine tell Susan her boyfriend Art Vandelay imports?

#4. On "Seinfeld", what did J. Peterman send Elaine to buy at the Kennedy auction?

#5. On "Seinfeld", what is the correct spelling of Elaine's last name?

#6. On the TV show "Seinfeld", why does Kramer get arrested while visiting in the Hamptons?

#7. On "Seinfeld", when Kramer was issued a vanity license plate, what did it read?

#8. On "Seinfeld", what float does Mr. Pitt hold in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?

#9. In an episode of "Seinfeld", with whom does Kramer start a make-your-own pizza pie business?

#10. What did Jackie recommend George wear in the last episode of "Seinfeld"?

#11. On "Seinfeld", what magazine was George reading when he got caught by his mother?

#12. On "Seinfeld", who played the part of Frank Costanza's lawyer in "The Chinese Woman" episode?

#13. On "Seinfeld", what was the name of Jerry's date who had man hands?

#14. On "Seinfeld", what kind of Pez dispenser sent Elaine into hysterics?

#15. On "Seinfeld", what movie was George returning when he learned Susan was a lesbian?

#16. On "Seinfeld", what was the name of the muffin bakery Mr. Lippman opened?

#17. What arcade game is George Costanza a master at playing?

#18. On "Seinfeld", who sold Kramer his hot tub he puts in his living room?

#19. On "Seinfeld", whose stories does Peterman base his autobiography on?

#20. Who played Tony, Elaine's rock-climbing Mimbo on the TV show "Seinfeld"?

#21. Who was the first to lose in the "Seinfeld" episode "The Contest" episode?

#22. On "Seinfeld", who interviewed Jerry on the Today Show when he wore a puffy shirt?

#23. On "Seinfeld", where did Dr. Van Nostrand (Kramer) study dermatology?

#24. On "Seinfeld", who was mistaken to be the smog strangler on the TV show "Seinfeld"?

#25. On "Seinfeld", which song did George turn into an answering machine message?

#26. On "Seinfeld", what name does the Chinese restaurant owner call out when George gets a call?

#27. What is the catchphrase for Frank Costanza's made-up holiday "Festivus"?

#28. On "Seinfeld", what was the bookstore where Uncle Leo was caught shoplifting?

#29. In "The Merv Griffin Show" episode of "Seinfeld", what was the theme of Kramer and Newman's re-tooled show?

#30. On "Seinfeld", what catchphrase did Mr. Mendelbaum, played by Lloyd Bridges, use when he became upset?


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