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#1. In which country was Prince Philip born ?

#2. Who designed Kate Middleton’s wedding dress ?

#3. How old was Prince Philip at the time of his death this year ?

#4. Legend has it that crown and country will fall if the Tower of London's six resident  what  ever leave ?

#5. What is the name of Harry and Megan's no-profit charitable foundation ?

#6. What is the name of Prince Charles youngest grandchild ?

#7. Which English King was nicknamed ‘the Lionheart’ ?

#8. Where do the Royal Family traditionally spend Christmas ?

#9. How old was the Queen at the time of her Coronation ?

#10. Princess Anne and her daughter , Zara Tindall, have both competed in the Olympics in which sport ?

#11. Who is Britain’s longest reigning Monarch ?

#12. According to the couple what were Harry and Megan doing when Harry proposed ?

#13. Which British Princess gave birth this year to a baby name Sienna Elizabeth ?

#14. What is the name of Prince Charles official residence ?

#15. What flower do all royal brides have in their bouquet ?

#16. Who is father to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis ?

#17. King Henry VIII had six wives. What first name did three of them share ?

#18. Charles and Camilla’s wedding in 2005 was postponed because of the death of which world figure ?

#19. What name is shared by a vodka-based cocktail, a superstition involving a mirror and the nickname of an English Monarch ?

#20. Which Royal started the trend for wearing a white wedding dress ?

#21. What are the ceremonial guards of the Tower of London commonly known as ?

#22. Who was Prince Charles married to before Camilla ?

#23. What football team do Prince William and Prince George support ?

#24. In 1998, Sarah Ferguson made a cameo appearance in which popular TV series ?

#25. Which of Henry VIII’s wives was Elizabeth I’s mother?

#26. What was the name of Prince William and Prince Harry's nanny ?

#27. William and Kate met at university. What subject did they both study ?

#28. Which Royal has/had a dragon tattoo on their forearm ?

#29. Who was the first British Royal to send an email ?

#30. What breed of dog is the Queen famously a fan of ?


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