The Quiz closes on 27th April 2022, you can enter after this date, but no prizes can be won. You have to be signed in to win.

The first prize is a £5/$5/€5 voucher, choices vary and you will be able to choose what you want from the list.


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#1. Which is the largest natural lake in England?

#2. How far is England from France across the Channel?

#3. If you were visiting Brown Willy, Jolly’s Bottom or Splatt, to which English county would you be heading?

#4. Which of these was built by the Romans?

#5. Which is the largest castle in England?

#6. What year was Domesday Book completed?

#7. Which English city has more canals than Venice?

#8. Legend has it that St George did this?

#9. Which island was awarded the 'George Cross' after World War II?

#10. Crumpets are a Tudor invention.

#11. In which county does the annual 'Cheese Rolling and Wake' take place?

#12. English is the most widely-spoken language in the world.

#13. When was the first fish and chip shop opened?

#14. Which one of these countries doesn't celebrate St George's Day?

#15. What was the first capital of England, before London?