Be Kind

To be kind!!!

To be honest it doesn’t take enough not to be unkind – whilst you can be kind – just a few words – think before you speak – what you say can effect a persons feelings in a million ways – you don’t know what going on one self head – you just assume – there is a reason behind everything they do what they do to stop the hurt!!!! say kind words – if you wanna help then help in a kind way.

Don’t slate someone as. they aren’t doin what they should be doing – some find it harder than others – some struggle much harder than others some don’t have  that strength to get back to where they were so fast – it takes longer- its not about forgetting the past its about accepting it and not letting you affect your upcoming future. always be kind no matter what – you have no clue what that person is going thru or has gone thru in life!!!!

Be happy stay kind – keep smiling!!