Foodie Post

Right ok…  well who doesnt like food huh? unless your ill or something..

I’m from the islands and we love eating especially fresh food all the time and everything we cook is from scratch!! i have been cooking since i was young as i was left on my own at very young with my dad and he learnt me from a very young age how to cook clean and defend for myself.

My favourite food of all time is fish – fresh fish, i love tuna … i remember when my dad used to come from fishing and he used to have the whole tuna straight from the sea right into our outside sink around the side of the house where he cleans the fish and sometimes bone them as he used to think i would choke from some of the bones …. from that fish he used to cut up in pieces  and and freeze some gave some to family and friends and then cook the rest, we used to make fish soup, fish cakes, fish pie, fish and batter, fish mince and rice , just fry fish with garlic and salt and pepper with rice with onion and tomato gravy… so delicious as always!!! what we dont eat we always freezes and/or place into fridge for the following day, i miss home food.

Another fav of mines is eel with a million of bones – best if your not used to eatin and pickin bones out whilst eatin it best you cut out the bones whilst cleanin the eel before cookin and so on…. tht was also my favourite i always used to enjoy that eel fried up  with ketchup and bread.

Black Puddings – now your blackpuddings here in the UK is so different to ours back home ours are so much more tastier and also more herbs and garlic and more flavours …

here is a variety of food i love ..

jam tarts, coconut fingers, twinkies, jam roly polys, cheese straws, brownies ,,,

anyways thats all for now i could go on for days but that enough for now i hope you all enjoyed a snippet of it !!!