Virgo Star Sign.

Virgos 22nd September 1982.

How to spoil a virgo (fun facts!!)

  • Respect their needs for space.
  • Never mess with their stuff.
  • Give them time to do things perfectly.
  • make their place homely and tidy/organised.
  • Ask them for advice – they will give you their best advice whether you take it or not.
  • Make plans ahead and stick to them, hopefully will go as planned.

Virgo’s  has a strong sense of individuality and independence, being natural comes different (even tho some of my friends think im weird and strange/odd!)

When a virgo doesn’t wanted to be bothered, you will know, one thing they cant hide is how annoyed or irritated they are at the moment.

Virgo’s are perfectionists and deserve the perfect lover in return. ( I will wait!! – i’m patient!) lol!!

Virgo’s are not phoney they will not smile in your face if they don’t like you  they will ignore your existence.

some things you dont hear about virgos is – is about how funny they are …..


i hope you’ll enjoyed reading about my starsign!!! 


Whats your star sign??? comment below …..