This site is secure on every page, we don’t serve no insecure content, what that means is your data is always encrypted which makes it near impossible for someone to intercept it, you will see the padlock icon on every page of The Chat Cafe.

The Chat Cafe is hosted in the cloud by Google, that means that everything is protected by Google’s state of the art data centres and security, there is no better way to protect your data.

Any personal information you provide is kept secure in the cloud and only accessible by The Chat Cafe Administrators, no one can access data unless they are permitted to do so. Moderators can only see basic information, they cannot access information like your address or anything like that.

When someone emails you or leaves you a message in chat, other members cannot see that, they cannot intercept it, they cannot use it for themselves.

Remember though anything you post in public, is exactly that, it’s public, so be careful what you type in the chat rooms, on your profile or on your feeds

When you connect to The Chat Cafe you will be connected to the server closest to you, we currently utilise servers in many countries, that means that the speed should always be fast, but don’t think this compromises security, it doesn’t, it’s just a way websites make it so they are accessible and fast where ever people are in the world, no matter where you access The Chat Cafe from, your data is protected by the laws of the United Kingdom or the United States depending on which chat you access, both protect you and your data.

The site is backed up 4 times a day, so should anything happen there is no real risk of loss of any data.

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